Hacker Chameleon

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The chameleon is a group of grey caps at the core of the gifted hacker's season cloud, each of which has outstanding talent in different aspects. Once the mission was completed by the hacker legend K, the excited chameleon members were told that they did not pass the test. Ji Yun was deeply challenged by his self esteem and received a task in private. For the mission needs, chameleon needs to enter a biologist's villa, which is not difficult under normal circumstances, but accidentally discovers that this villa's network security is very strict. In the course of execution, Ji Yun discovered the hidden secret between the biologist and a pharmaceutical company named TrumB, and the safety of the members began to be threatened. The Legion base was destroyed, and the injured quarter cloud discovered the truth that he himself was a half robot. In order to protect the team, Ji Yun alone to the investigation has caught biologists villa, the other three teams for season cloud rescue, we successfully escaped the pursuit of An important juncture of life and death, but could not prevent the central server room exploded before the bomb exploded last season, cloud finally saw the legendary hacker K.
1 h 04 min
Science Fiction
Shuhang Feng
Sha Chen
Sha Chen
Qi Song, Hang Zhang, Ning Sun
Director of Photography
Arden Tse
Original Music Composer
Jarome Matthew

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